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Archive for March, 2014

cute felt bunny tutorial

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Easter is fast approaching and I love to decorate with an Easter theme. I always put up my Easter tree complete with painted eggs and homemade fabric birds.


I was having a look on the good ol’ internet for some Easter craft supplies when I came across this tutorial from Purple Petunia Life to make a little bunny. I’m a sucker for animals, particularly those of the small furry variety.


With the best will in the world, I may not get round to making one of these but i think you should! You’ll find the tutorial here.

lavender’s blue

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

It is lovely to see friends doing well, and particularly so when they work so hard. A week or so ago a friend of mine Allie McCann and her flosristy business Lavender Blue won a lovely award at the Scottish Wedding Awards 2014. Allie and her team Jenna and Rosie took away Florist of the Year 2014. I was delighted for them.


Allie opened her lovely florist shop about 6 months before I opened Cushion & Cake. I was passing her place one day and was drawn in when I saw the large blue painted dresser with colourful knobs and floral displays on. I went in and introduced myself to her. We’ve been friends since then.


I  take a lot of advice from Allie not mention support. She works so hard and had made so many brides happy on their special day. She does all this in an ethical way. She shops for her flowers sensibly so that she doesn’t have to charge lots and lots of bridal bouquets. I really admire that and obviously her brides did too.


I wish Allie more success this year and hope that Lavender Blue continues to grow and grow. Cheers Allie!