The Cushion & Cake tearoom closed in 2015. This is an archive of all the news and events from 2010 to 2015. You can view the old tearoom website by clicking here.

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craftivism event

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Have you heard of Craftivism? If you haven’t, its about using craft as to tackle poverty and expose social injustice.  Sarah Corbett and the Craftivism Collective do this by facilitating workshops in embroidery and other crafts to spread the message that we all can make a difference.

Sarah Corbett of Craftivism Collective says:
For us, Craftivism is a form of ‘slow activism’, a reflective action which changes the participant as much as it does the world. It is passionate but polite, provocative but patient, drawing people to engage in discussion and debate rather than forcing it down people’s throat. Unlike some of the more traditional, extrovert forms of activism, craftivism is quietly beautiful, it is individual and it is effective.


 “To expose the scandal of global poverty and human rights injustices through the power of craft and public art.”


Cushion & Cake are hosting their Glasgow Craftivism event on Tuesday 18th March 2014. Read on for Sarah’s description of the workshop.

Craft helps us slow down & reflect. A piece of craft can also be a useful physical symbol to keep yourself motivated to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Ran by Founder of Craftivist Collective Sarah Corbett you will learn the classic skill of embroidery whilst also learning how to be a change-maker & strive to be your best self, using your talents, passions & actions to make the world a better place for people & planet. You will create a fabric footprint for you to keep and you will recieve support on what message to stitch on your footprint & suggestions of where to put it.


Sarah will also tell you more about the benefits of her approach to craftivism and the methods you can use. Based in London as one of the leading spokespeople in the contemporary craftivism movement, this is your chance to ask her lots of questions! Plus it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and become craftivists together.

All materials are provided including footprint, thread, needles, pens, instructions and a kit to put them in to take home if you don’t finish the project. Plus additional Craftivist Collective products are available for purchase after class (such as Sarah’s Little Book of Craftivism and other craftivism kits).

Level: Beginner
Teacher: Sarah Corbett
Course Length: 2 hours
Fee £15
Availability: 15 spaces in total

Fairtrade tea and biscuits will be provided. Booking can be found here…

how do you eat your cream tea?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In the tearoom we’ve always had tea. We’ve always had scones but for some reason, we’d never offered them as a classic cream tea. This is about to change. I’ve stocked up on clotted cream and jam and I’ve just eaten one for my lunch and can recommend them enormously!2014-02-25 14.22.13

The cream tea or Cornish/Devonshire as the name suggests originated in Devonshire and is traditionally a scone served with clotted cream and strawberry jam with tea and milk. There are many schools of though on how you should eat your scone but generally it is spit in half with the cream on both halves with jam on top.

2014-02-25 14.20.20

We don’t mind how you eat your scone but would encourage you to come and experiment the various methods and at £3.50, this is a super afternoon  treat.

2014-02-25 14.22.32

new tricks

Monday, 24 February 2014

The tearoom has got off to a great start this year. We have been super busy so that means long hours for me and a 6 day working week. It’s great but I feel like I’m only ever in the tearoom or at home for a little while before I collapse and drag myself of to bed…

I met someone in the tearoom last week who inspired me to try something new. She was a teacher of the hula hoop of all things. I instantly saw myself doing it. A big shiny hoop, dancing around to music. Could there be potential for costumes too? I’m in!

She left me her business card and it turns out she teaches just down the road from my house so there is no excuse for me not to go so this Thursday I’m going to my first hula hoop class at Stakkato Blue. I’ll let you know how I get on.

New neighbours

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I was really excited to meet Jo a few weeks ago when she told me she was just about to open a vintage painted furniture shop just a few doors down from Cushion & Cake. This is great news. This little street needs more exciting little businesses and hopefully my customers will be interested in Jo’s new shop and vice versus.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 14.12.48

They opened their doors last week with lovely fresh new decor and a lots of their lovely painted furniture stock. Their style is definitely French shabby chic in style, upcycling unloved pieces of furniture and giving it a new lease of life with chalk paint that they also sell.

I popped in today to say hello and have a nosey at their work. They had lovely chest of drawers, dressing tables and little side tables in different chalky, pastel colours. I loved it.

Chatting to Jo she was telling me she intends to run furniture painting  workshops using chalk paint. I love painting furniture as you may know, I painted all the chairs for the tearoom but I have never used chalk paint. They also teach other skills such as embossing, gilding, stencils and transfer techniques which I have never tried so I’ll be first to attend when they get the workshops up and running.

2014-02-20 13.22.25Do pop in and see Jo and her son Ollie and not to forget their little bichon frise, Fifi who warmly welcomes you at the door. They’re a great addition to Old Dumbarton Road, I’m so please they’ve moved in.

27 Old Dumbarton Road

0141 339 2767 or 07972 777 300

Cosy Toasties

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Winter is dragging on… it has been particularly cold, wet and very, very grey here in Glasgow so what do you need in times like this?


A little warm toastie for lunch. What comfort food could be better? Our cheese and chutney and brie sandwiches work particularly well but you could make up your own creations. We enjoy creativity!