The Cushion & Cake tearoom closed in 2015. This is an archive of all the news and events from 2010 to 2015. You can view the old tearoom website by clicking here.

Archive for July, 2013

The dangers of the internet…

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Well it seems no one is safe… even your local super friendly tearoom!

We had a horrible start to the day yesterday when I was contacted via Facebook by a very kind woman informing me that there was an enormous discussion going on, on Mumsnet which mentioned Cushion & Cake. On investigating the thread it was about a mother who had taken some milk from a tea/sugar/milk station in the establishment to give to her child. She was challenged by the (male) owner and asked to pay £1.50 for the milk.

Somehow the woman had come to name our adorable little tearoom as the culprits! We were very sad about this as the event had not taken place here at Cushion & Cake and wondered how we had come to be mixed up with another establishment. If you know Cushion & Cake from your visits, you’ll know that we are pretty unique, hopefully memorable for the right reasons so we can only assume that the woman had either completely fabricated the story and plucked the name Cushion & Cake from any number of small businesses and we were just unlucky OR it was malicious. One of the posts suggested that they ALL email Cushion & Cake to find out the truth. Fortunately this didn’t happen.

We contacted Mumsnet to have the thread removed as it had gotten out of hand with over 1000 posts, either angry at the woman’s treatment or questioning the integrity of her story.

So I suppose we would just like to reiterate that the events which unfolded on Mumsnet on Friday, never took place in Cushion & Cake in Glasgow. We are sorry that the woman did have a poor experience in a cafe or tearoom but we are pleased to say, it did not take place here.

Gloomy Glasgow = Homemade C&C Lemonade

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It’s the start of July and the weather doesn’t look promising this week, but its always sunny here in the tearoom. This week you can enjoy our homemade lemonade in this super cute upcycled glass with pink paper straw. Adorable.

homemade lemonade

Inaugural Cake Club Meeting

This Thursday 4th July sees the new club’s first meeting. We had aimed to have 6 bakers to join us for our first meeting but this figure has tripled with lots of folk looking to get involved and bring along their baking. We are currently full for this event but we do plan to host an even each month so don’t be disappointed if you couldn’t make it along to this one. The ODR Cake Club is here to stay!

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 21.08.34