The Cushion & Cake tearoom closed in 2015. This is an archive of all the news and events from 2010 to 2015. You can view the old tearoom website by clicking here.

Archive for April, 2012

Clouds Crafternoon

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I’m excited about this Sunday’s Crafternoon here at Cushion & Cake. The Crafternooners don’t yet know what they’ll be making exactly but here is a sneaky peek at the materials we’ll be using.

I’ll be back next week with pictures and the results of the “Clouds’ Crafternoon.

Change to opening hours

It is quite a difficult job running a wee business all by yourself… Of course I absolutely love it but I’m starting to feel like I’m perhaps missing out a wee bit too much on the other things in life, like spending time with my partner and friends.

A few weeks ago over Easter I had two days off and spent them with Stuart my partner. It was amazing! I forgot about all the stuff we used to do together on days off. We visited antique shops, went out for food and just hung out together. So I made the decision to take a bit of that back and close the tearoom on a Sunday.

I really hope that people understand that I can’t be open all the time but perhaps later in the year I will have some more people in my team to allow me to do just that.

From the start of May Cushion & Cake will be closed on Sundays but open on Mondays.

‘Cofaidh is Cheàrdan’

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Calling all Gaelic speakers in Glasgow! The Glasgow Gàidhlig Initative is working in conjunction with C&C to run a programme of 5 crafty sessions ‘Cofaidh is Cheàrdan’ starting Wednesday 25th April.

Like the regular Crafternoons participants will come along and learn a new craft and create something smashing to take home.

I’ve put together a programme of five sessions, each a different craft so you can sign up to them  all.

For more information contact

Closed Wed & Thurs 18-19th April

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Soooo sorry if you tried to visit us today but found us closed. We’ve got no hot water and need to get and available plumber to come and fix it. Grrr. Why can’t everything be fixed with a bit of buttercream icing?

Crafternoon Theme – April

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I’ve been spending some time to think about what theme the following Craftenoons will embody. I wondered about making them explicit, like a cross stitch theme or a felting theme, but instead for April’s Crafternoon I’ve decided to keep it a little obscure and keep an element of surprise.

As it is April, I always think of ‘Little April Showers’ from Bambi (April snow blizzards here in Scotland however) so the theme will be clouds. See what I did there?

Clouds are a very popular motif currently so I knew that Craftenooners would like to make something attractive based around this idea.

If you want to come along you can book here or give me a ring at the tearoom on 0141 339 4114. As always w wee deposit of £5 is required to book your place. You can pay by paypal or speak to me about arranging an alternative.

It is going to be a good one to get booked in quick. If you need some more inspiration watch the April Shower clip Bambi here orrrrrrrrr Little Fluffy Clouds by the Orb… why not?